I hope you’re enjoying the lovely Spring weather (Is it lovely? I can’t keep up…). I don’t know about you, but my mood is definitely affected by the weather. I always feel so much happier and much more productive when it’s sunny! Maybe that’s why Spring cleaning exists…uplifting weather, longer days, springy mood and a lovely freshly cleaned and organised house to go with it. Why not take the same approach with your business? If you’re like me and all of a sudden feeling much more motivated to improve on your business and your income, why not begin with a quick business spring clean to get going?

1. Take a Think Day (see my post here for more info) – It may seem counterproductive but taking a day out, whether it’s to chill out completely or to do those tiny tasks that constantly find themselves at the very bottom of your to do list, could really help to clear your head and motivate you further.

2. Get Todoist – I will be writing a post soon about Todoist and how to use it for your business but in short, it’s a free tool that you can use to track your tasks and projects. You can set deadlines, mark priorities and monitor how much you get done in each day. You even get points for the tasks you complete, which seems to motivate me to do more!

3. Organise and tidy your work space – a tidy office, a tidy mind! Organise your desk and the tools or equipment you use most often so that everything is easily accessible with plenty of space for you to work. The more organised your work space, hopefully the easier it will be to keep tidy therefore making you work more efficiently rather than surrounded by clutter and the constant niggle to tidy (although maybe that’s just me)!

4. Sort your tax return (April 6th 2014 to April 5th 2015) – the deadline is in October for paper returns and January for online returns but if you can submit it from now, why wait? Why not get it over and done with as soon as you can and then that’s one less thing to worry about for the rest of the year.

5. And on the subject of finance…sort your receipts!Quickfile is a free accounting software that is very easy to learn. Set yourself up an account and record all your sales and purchases. Link to a Dropbox account and you can take photos of receipts via your phone then automatically upload and save them to your account. Handy, hey? This saves me from having to organise little bundles of till receipts as I just scan them into my Quickfile account as soon as I receive them.

6. Update your design – whether it’s an updated logo, a new website or new stationery, why not spruce up your design? Like giving a house a new lick of paint! (Please visit Amber Phillips Design for great, affordable design work!)

7. Review and update your plans – read through your business plan and marketing plan and update if necessary. Remind yourself of your objectives and your goals so you can take new steps to reach them. Have you already reached some goals from your previous business plan? If so, congrats! Now make some more 🙂

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