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Grand Canyon Trek 2017



For a while now I’ve really wanted to trek the Grand Canyon (don’t ask me why!). I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up with Charity Challenge to take part in a 6 day trek through the Grand Canyon, trekking a total of approximately 73 kms, in aid of Farleigh Hospice.

By buying from Bumble and Boo, you’re helping Farleigh Hospice in Essex to raise much needed funds. 20% of the profits from each sale go towards sponsoring me to trek the Grand Canyon.

Fortunately I haven’t had to experience the work that Farleigh Hospice do first hand, however I know from friends of mine how much they help people with life limiting illnesses and their families.

They have to raise an awful lot of money just to keep running each day, however a lot of people aren’t even aware of them until they need them.

My dad passed away in 2012 when he was living in Las Vegas (the place where the trek will finish). Not only will it be good to see the place he was living but if he had been in the UK throughout his illness there’s a big possibility that he would have been helped by a charity such as Farleigh Hospice.

During the challenge I’ll be:

– Trekking between 5-6 hours a day.

– Manoevering through tunnels and ladders that are not for the faint hearted.

– Experiencing high temperatures of up to approximately 30 degrees.

– Actively participating in the setting up of camp and preparation of meals.

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Pausing Bumble and Boo


When I became self-employed a few months ago I thought I’d have endless amounts of time to do both my freelance design and Bumble and Boo. Turns out I was wrong! I never thought running a business would be easy, but I thought I’d be able to manage my time and motivate myself to do EVERYTHING. But now I see no one can do everything!

You might remember me talking about wedding websites. Well, now I have another business on top of the two I started with! A family friend approached me about wedding websites and suggested we team up to create a separate business. Be on the look out for coming soon! All very exciting, but all very stressful as I’ve got way too many things going on at once.

I’ve read in so many blogs and business books to narrow your focus in order to be more successful (at least at first so you get strong foundations) and I’ve always ignored that because I want to do all of these different things and didn’t want to give anything up. But now I’m going to give it a try while I set up Weddsite and get Amber Phillips Design going how I want it to. Still more than one focus but I can’t give up either of those!

So Bumble and Boo will still be here with products available in the shop but for now, everything else is paused until all else is under control. I may pop up for a bit on social media and blog posts when I can but that’s it for now. I’ve worked really hard to design new products and rebrand the business so I don’t want to give up completely but I don’t know how long everything will take. Maybe that’ll be motivation to get going quicker so that I can get back to Bumble and Boo!

Either way, *Arnold Schwarzenegger voice* I’ll be back!

Trying something new


I’m not usually a massive fan of trying new things, although I definitely think I’ve improved in the last few years. For example, when I was a kid I refused to eat cheese or any new food. Plain and simple for me! Now I’m trying sushi (to be fair it was chicken and duck rather than raw fish…still counts) and I eat cheese quite a lot now. How can any of this be life changing I hear you ask…well trying new food probably isn’t, but trying a new hobby or a new method of doing something could have brilliant consequences!

A lot of the time, my confidence issues hold me back from trying new things that could potentially save me time and money but could also turn out to be something I love. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or because I’ve simply decided I don’t care as much anymore but I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone a little more. I’ve been talking to people about sales on the phone (big deal for me!), I attended a wedding fair where I had to talk extensively about my products, I’m involved in setting up a new potentially huge company, AND perhaps the biggest of all, I finally went swimming!


What are Wedsites?


It’s all been quite exciting lately at Bumble and Boo and Amber Phillips Design (the two businesses that I run. The first is gifts, the second is freelance design). Both businesses have launched new products. You’ll see Bumble and Boo’s new additions in the shop very soon…hopefully! Busy busy bumble bee!

The new product that I’ve launched in the last few weeks at Amber Phillips Design is Wedding Websites, or Wedsites. They are quite a new thing in the UK but apparently 75% of married couples have had a wedding website according to a poll in the US. I just LOVED the idea and thought this would be a unique addition to my services.


March Favourites


Another month been and gone. Feels like it’s only just been Christmas, time goes way too quick! March has had it’s ups and downs but hopefully I’m now on a steady upward path (more on that in a future blog post…business and stress and how to overcome it!).

Highlights of this month:
– Celebrating my 21st birthday and Mother’s Day with my family! Lots of wonderful and creative presents, lots of cake and lots of fun 🙂
– Attending my first wedding fair to promote my new product at Amber Phillips Design, Wedding Websites.
– Finding out that Zak has booked us a trip to Greece for my 21st birthday present. A well needed break that I’m VERY excited for!
– Completing my first card out of my birthday box from my mum – Cinema, TGI’s and cocktails
– Successfully completing my first product tests and creating 6 lavender bags with the new process. Coming soon to the shop.
– Re-opening my Folksy shop and putting my first new products in. Check it out here.
– Lovely daffodils popping up everywhere – It’s SPRING! 😀

Favourite blog post:
My favourite post from this month is my Fimo Fingerprint Jewellery. I haven’t had much time to do tutorial blog posts for a while but this was one of the first that I wrote on my list to do months and months ago and now I’ve finally done it 🙂 Easy to do, looks good and great for kids to do themselves.

I’d love to hear your March highlights 🙂 Feel free to chat on my social media pages below.

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Great gift idea – birthday box


It was my 21st birthday on the 15th March and unlike most 21 year old girls, I chose to go to the zoo and have a nice quiet meal at my favourite restaurant with my family! I received so many amazing presents and I’m grateful for every single one. Zak even booked us a trip to Greece in May – woohoo bring on the sun!

My mum had a great idea to do 21 different presents. In a lovely little box, she decorated and wrote 20 cards with 1 big card at the end. Each card had different things to do inside e.g. go to the zoo again, go to the beach, picnic at the forest, theatre trip to see Mamma Mia etc…all brilliant things that I’d love to do! And the last card at the end was a joint present for my 21st and my sister’s 16th so we can go to Disney! All exciting stuff that makes me want to be 21 every year haha.



New City Girls WI and Benefit Cosmetics



So here’s what I got up to last night…I went to a WI meeting in Chelmsford! I got a couple of funny looks when I said where I was going and that I’m hoping to join, but it’s not just any stereotypical Women’s Institute.

First things first, if you don’t know what a WI is, here’s a definition from my good friend Wikipedia:

Women’s Institutes (WI) are British community-based organisations for women. The WI movement was formed in 1915 inLlanfairpwllgwyngyll, Anglesey Wales.[1] It had two clear aims: to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. Since then the organisation’s aims have broadened and it is now the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the UK…The WI plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

New City Girls WI only formed last year but has gone from strength to strength. As well as the main monthly meetings, they have over 40 subgroups doing everything from crafting to burlesque. Sounds like great fun to me! AND it sounds like there’s always a good supply of cake.


February Favourites


This month I got back in touch with an old friend who has just started blogging herself (here’s her blog if you want to have a nosey!). Livia encouraged me to write a February Favourites blog post. I love this idea and may just have to do it every month now!

February has been a great month for both of my businesses – rebranding Locketz to become Bumble and Boo and starting a brand new product with Amber Phillips Design, Wedsites or Wedding Websites! Look out for a post all about Wedsites very soon. All very busy, all very stressful, but all very exciting!

Highlights of this month:
– Completing 3 of my yearly bucket list goals: watch the film the Bucket List, make homemade pasta and sort the garage so that I can fit an armchair in there!
– Exploring the Dunmow countryside with my best friend – Wow I need to get fit! Struggling after a two hour trek! I say trek…it was more of a casual stroll…
– Getting back in touch with my best friend from primary school
– FINALLY sorting my craft room and getting THE best chair ever to furnish the room…it swivels and everything!
– Going to a local theatre show of Sister Act – just as brilliant as the London theatre shows but loads cheaper! I still can’t get the songs out of my head…
– Trying a mango (yes, MANGO!) slushie!
– Buying the Buddhify app for my phone to try some meditation to relax me enough to get a good night’s sleep. It actually works!

Favourite blog post:
My favourite post from this month has to be my Disney’s Mulan Collection and I’m sooo looking forward to doing more Disney inspired collections. I’m a bit of a Disney freak, you know.

So what are your February Favourites? And what are you looking forward to next month? Remember no matter how crap you feel your time has been, even the little things (like trying a mango slushie for the first time) can make it that much better 🙂

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Valentine’s Day 2015 – homemade ravioli


I hope you all had a brilliant Valentine’s Day last week! Whether you’re single or not, I think it’s great to spend a day with your loved ones. Before I met Zak, I used to spend my Valentine’s Day with my mum and sister watching films with a takeaway. To be fair, this Valentine’s Day was much the same but with Zak included, a bit of Call of Duty, homemade chocolate cake and some home cooking.

As I’m busy trying to establish two businesses (therefore I also have limited money, boohoo!), Zak suggested that we stay home and cook dinner instead of going out. We both live with our parents so we ended up cooking for my family as well, romantic I know!

Guess what we cooked? Homemade ravioli. Yep, that’s another goal I can tick off this year’s list! Two in one week, I’m on a roll.


I’ve achieved my first goal for 2015!


I can finally cross off one of my 15 New Year’s Resolutions! At the start of the year, I set myself 15 goals to accomplish this year to go towards my bucket list. My idea: split them year by year and eventually accomplish everything I’ve ever wanted to do! I started easy, just to get me going, but I’m hoping that over time I can add things to my list that maybe are a bit crazier…for example, skydiving and travelling around Australia come immediately to mind.

Well, enough blab. Want to know what goal I’ve achieved first this year? I bought a sofa. Ahem, I mean a swivel chair (Zak tells me off when I call it a sofa!). Number 11 on my list and arguably the easiest to accomplish, but a goal ticked off nonetheless.

  1. Tidy and sort the garage until it’s exactly how you want your studio and you can fit an armchair in there – to keep motivated, just think how comfortable it will be to sit in your cosy armchair sewing or felting!

2015-02-18 16.35.25

I’ve been tidying and sorting the room ever since I moved in 3 years ago but the motivation to get a comfy chair to craft in and escape the world gave me that extra push to be ruthless and complete it.

While the garage isn’t quite tidy yet (I had to move things around to accommodate the chair), I feel it’s finally achieving its Craft Room / Studio status. I have a desk, a “packaging station”, a rocking chair as my desk chair (weird, huh?), studio lighting and now a lovely, incredibly comfy, mink swivel chair.

All I need now is a heater to keep me all toasty as its way too cold in there sometimes! For now, I have a snuggly blanket and lots of jumpers to keep me warm, as well as my lovely Fred fox cushion. I cannot wait to do some felting or embroidery while watching the Sewing Bee this week – sounds pretty perfect (and now irresistibly comfortable) to me!

Do you have your own space to craft? You might like to take a look at these 7 tips to organise your craft space.

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Sneaky peak into my new branding – Bumble and Boo



Well as I’ve mentioned before, Locketz with Love will soon become Bumble and Boo. I started Locketz when I was 13 and now that I’m building it into a full time business I think it’s time for the brand to grow up with me! So here’s a sneaky peak of my new branding…All very exciting!

I’ll reveal the main logo soon. But as a designer, I can honestly say the logo is one of my favourites out of all the logos I have ever designed.

I’m hoping to fully launch in the next few weeks and I’m even thinking of throwing a big launch event. I’ve wanted to organise a craft fair for a long time so I thought why not couple a craft fair with a launch event. Watch this space!

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7 tips for creating your craft space


Apologies for the lack of tutorial posts lately…my craft room is going through a bit of a transformation and my usual photography space (and all other possible spaces) are piled high with stuff. Stuff to go on ebay, stuff to be sorted, stuff to go in other rooms…just endless stuff.

I’m really excited about where it’s all going though! The end wall is now a bright splash of lime green and the furniture has been moved around to allow space for my new swivel cuddle chair that’s arriving at the end of February! Woohoo! That’s nearly one of my “yearly bucket list” items down. Now I just need to pull my finger out and do the others!


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