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Fimo fingerprint jewellery


20150311_155710I’ve seen salt dough creations several times across the internet and I thought I’d give it a go! I originally thought they were just for decorations that kids make at Christmas but I actually really enjoyed it and I think you could probably create some really cool things with it.

One cool thing I’ve seen is fingerprint jewellery made with salt dough. It’s supposed to be like a cheaper version of the silver clay fingerprint jewellery and I thought it’d be a great gift for Mother’s Day especially as children can easily make it themselves so it’s super special.

However, I tried to make fingerprint jewellery with salt dough and it completely failed. Maybe the recipe should be slightly different to bring the print out a bit more or maybe I baked it wrong (it went all puffy because the heat was too high). Either way, the dough puffed up and you could barely see the print. The other salt dough creations looked great – See how to make salt dough here.

I experimented with air dry clay and polymer clay (Fimo) with differing results. The air dry clay cracked a bit but should be fine with a bit of water to soften it. It also took the paint better than the Fimo, however the Fimo was my favourite out of the three as you could clearly see the print!

Super simple to do! Roll out the Fimo, press your finger down firmly on to the rolled out Fimo so it picks up your fingerprint, then use a cookie cutter to stamp out the shape. Pierce a hole at the top so that you can hang the pendant then bake as per the instructions. Once baked, paint the pendant with silver acrylic paint. You might want to do a couple of coats and perhaps brush the fingerprint lightly with a dry brush and darker colour to bring it out a bit more. Attach a jump ring and then hang on a chain or suede necklace.

From left to right – salt dough, air dry clay, polymer clay

Instead of a necklace, you could make this into a hanging decoration. Or you could skip piercing the hole and stick a magnet on the back. You could even use letter stamps to include a message! Oh, the endless possibilities of Fimo!

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How to make easy peasy salt dough decorations


I’ve always wanted to try salt dough and I have no idea why I never did. Probably the easiest craft ever! All you need is 1 part salt, 1 part water, and 2 parts flour.

Mix the salt and flour together in a bowl and gradually add the water. You might find you don’t need all of the water or you might find you need a little more.


Keep mixing until it all starts to stick together and then comes the fun part…Knead with your hands and then turn out on to a floured surface.


Fork Pom Poms


Fork pom poms

Who knew you could make pom poms with a fork?! Best idea ever! And one of the simplest ones. All you need is a fork, wool and scissors.