I bought a huge canvas from Hobbycraft a while ago for an art project and was left heartbroken when I found a rip in it after storing it, maybe a little too carelessly, in my garage. I didn’t want to just throw it away though and it remained in my garage for a couple of years before I finally sorted everything out and found it again. We had a great idea to upcycle it with a string of battery powered fairy lights we found alongside the mess!


A bit risky but totally worth it in the end, I cut some extra holes into the canvas and poked fairy lights through the holes. It looks awesome all lit up although it was hard to capture that in the photo (Excuse the background…it’s so big I had to take a picture of it on my drawing table with my gift wrap rack in the back!).

Around the lights, I stuck some of my favourite photos, cards and illustrations. At the moment they’re only held by Blu-tack and washi tape until I decide the final layout – it’s forever changing!

DSCF6619 DSCF6616

This still isn’t completely finished but I wanted to share it anyway. I’ll probably be adding more photos as time goes on, possibly adding another string of fairy lights to make it more sparkly and then finally gluing the photos down permanently rather than them being held delicately with washi tape!

You can see the back view here. The lights are evenly spaced as far as the string will allow comfortably, with the battery resting on the wooden edge of the canvas secured with a bit of Blu-tack.


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