It was my 21st birthday on the 15th March and unlike most 21 year old girls, I chose to go to the zoo and have a nice quiet meal at my favourite restaurant with my family! I received so many amazing presents and I’m grateful for every single one. Zak even booked us a trip to Greece in May – woohoo bring on the sun!

My mum had a great idea to do 21 different presents. In a lovely little box, she decorated and wrote 20 cards with 1 big card at the end. Each card had different things to do inside e.g. go to the zoo again, go to the beach, picnic at the forest, theatre trip to see Mamma Mia etc…all brilliant things that I’d love to do! And the last card at the end was a joint present for my 21st and my sister’s 16th so we can go to Disney! All exciting stuff that makes me want to be 21 every year haha.


I thought the box idea was great and I think it’d be an awesome idea for any birthday! They don’t have to be crazy expensive things either…just ideas that you know they’ll love.


DSCF6795 DSCF6799

I had the idea of putting even more cards in the box but this time written by me. I’m going to write on small pieces of paper different things that I’d like to do or goals to work towards, both personal and business. I’m then going to pick a piece of paper every 2 weeks and I have to take steps towards completing that goal. It could be something as simple as “go swimming” or “buy a new book” etc…something feel good and exciting to motivate me and get me looking forward to a new week!

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