It’s all been quite exciting lately at Bumble and Boo and Amber Phillips Design (the two businesses that I run. The first is gifts, the second is freelance design). Both businesses have launched new products. You’ll see Bumble and Boo’s new additions in the shop very soon…hopefully! Busy busy bumble bee!

The new product that I’ve launched in the last few weeks at Amber Phillips Design is Wedding Websites, or Wedsites. They are quite a new thing in the UK but apparently 75% of married couples have had a wedding website according to a poll in the US. I just LOVED the idea and thought this would be a unique addition to my services.

A Wedsite is basically a website where you can share all of your wedding details. Use it to ask people to Save the Date, give guests information on the ceremony and the reception, ask guests to RSVP online (less hassle for everyone!), share information on your hen do / stag do / honeymoon, list what gifts you’d appreciate, let everyone know what the menu will be and gather their menu choices online, share photos after the event…there’s so much you can do with a wedding website which makes it a lovely way to document the whole process for yourselves as a couple but also for your friends and family. Exciting, hey?

Unless the couple wants it to, the website can’t stay up forever, so after the wedding I convert it to a printed photobook with a selection of the wedding photos.

See my example Wedsite here.

I attended my first wedding fair at Stoke by Nayland Hotel near Colchester on the 22nd March only a week after I launched the new product. I had a really great response from all the brides I spoke to on the day and I’d say about 95% of them had never heard of wedsites before but loved the idea!

Pretty please get in contact soon if you’d like a wedding website because I’ve extended the show price so they are still £230 for a multi page wedsite and £180 for a single page wedsite until the 22nd April 2015.

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